Thursday, November 27, 2014

You know that feeling when your car has engine trouble and everyone is passing you while you do 40 in a 55 zone….welcome to my hike. The difference is those that pass are friendly and encouraging not like the typical driver passing the poke-along car. Resting tonight and tomorrow for some healing time.

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About Loon

A happily married housewife who grew up in the Cumberland Valley of south-central PA surrounded by farmers & factory workers, ya know, good ole fashioned American folks that work hard, love God, country, and their families. I enjoy writing and believe life should be approached with healthy sense of humor. I've served my country (U.S. Navy '83-'88) and have tried to serve my family and my God well. I believe that we are never too old to play and that when we quit playing, we grow old! Spread joy, it's free and does the body good!