Sunday, October 4, 2015
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Me Versus Myself

Cat Turquoise Lake

When I wrote my list containing my reasons for hiking the Appalachian Trail, I surprised myself with one of my answers. I was in the zone writing how I would feel if I didn't make it to Katahdin and I wrote "I will know my body defeated my mind and my spirit." Read More »

Episode #55 – Just Anish

  Back in 2013 Heather “Anish” Anderson set a new Unsupported Fastest Known Time (UFKT) for thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Pox was fortunate enough to interview her a few days after she finished for “Episode 25 – Anish and The Badger“. After an article was published about her in Backpacker Magazine, Anish has since said she would no longer do interviews about the subject. Fast Forward to September 24, 2015…she did it again. Anish set a new UFKT for the Appalachian Trail: 54 days, 7 hours, 54 minutes. She didn’t accept a single ride into town. She walked to her resupplies. She is the dictionary definition of BadAss. In honor of this amazing feat of endurance, strength, and spirit, we have decided to re-release just the interview portion of episode 25. Enjoy.   Read More »

Looking Back: 2015’s First Trail Entries


The following is a list I compiled for myself of 2015 Appalachian Trials Bloggers first days on the trail. Some have made it to Katahdin already, some have never been heard from again! I wrote this list for myself, of some of my favorite “first entries from the trail” so I could come and reflect on what I’m up against as I begin my trek, and mentally prepare for mud, rain and PUDs (Pointless Ups and Downs). Maybe it can help some other future thru hikers too! I tend to like posts that tell of the day-today life on the trail and include plenty of pictures (good to note while I’m writing my own posts from the trail). Don’t forget there are lots of other “great first posts from the trail” out there that aren’t on this list! I don’t know the trail status of all the 2015 bloggers, but I went through almost ... Read More »

What is Normal?


It took Durpadur and I 2 hitches to get down I-95 to Portland. I thought it would take longer than that, so I gave us 2 days to do it. That just meant that we had a free day to explore Portland. With having a waterfront and being the home of 14 breweries, we did just that. My flight was leaving the Portland airport at 8 a.m. I’m not used to schedules anymore, so I was paranoid I was going to miss it. This caused us to decide to just sleep at the airport. We took the city bus from downtown to the airport thinking it would be a long ride and we could collect our thoughts before returning to reality, but we were there in 5 minutes. It was still a little early,  so we decided to grab a few drinks at the airport bar, only it was already ... Read More »

Why The 2016’ers Have It Rough: A Walk In The Woods Review

A lot of people will probably write similar posts, but allow me to chime in.  (Please note that these opinions are based on the movie A Walk In The Woods,  not the book.) To sum it up, A Walk In The Woods is a movie about my favorite thing: The Appalachian Trail. Like many others who care about the trail, I was excited when I first heard that a major motion picture was being done about the AT! A movie about a thru hike? What’s not to love?! However, with the release of the new movie,  our favorite trail is about to get a whole lot of publicity, and with this extra attention, experts are predicting a record number of thru-hikers to be starting in the spring. This will potentially cause over crowding and overuse damage to the trail. Although many of these hikers are expected to drop out either in ... Read More »

Save The Best For Last…


The Katahdin Streams Campground was extremely busy on September 6th. I found myself checking in with the ranger at 7 a.m. She assigned me with number 454…. 454! I checked in at Harper’s Ferry at 804 and I was suddenly 454. Where did all of the others ahead of me go? I put my pack in the ranger station and selected a day pack. This would be my very first time slack packing. I was always against it because my pack was my home and went everywhere I went. I really didn’t even know how to act with a day pack anymore. I filled it with snacks, a few sentimental items, my water filter, and a gatorade bottle. I put it on and my back felt naked. I took a deep breath and made my way back towards the white blazes. The sun was bright and beautiful. I was shaking. ... Read More »

Online Gear Shopping is Addictive.


It’s pretty safe to say I spend at least 99.99% of my waking hours thinking about AT gear. Because of this, I spend ungodly amounts of time on the REI website, the Backcountry website, amazon, etc. It’s just so hard to resist buying everything that we will need in seven short months. And hey, the whole 100% guarantee on products and free returns just makes it so darn easy. Maybe that’s why Harrison’s room looks like this… Oh, did I mention that this is only boxes from this week? At least seven or eight boxes have already made their way to the recycling bin. At this point, I’m tempted to order more just so we have enough to make an entire box castle. Shoutout to the UNCW Post Office for always having my back and enabling this bad habit.   Read More »