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Barb Carbon Wants Badger Sponsorship Because

Alright team, now it’s up to you.

If you want Barb Carbon to win the very awesome 2013 Badger Sponsorship (including a free Deuter backpack and sleeping bag, some trail magic (courtesy A Trail Life), A free signed copy of Appalachian Trials, my phone number for emotional support, and some Innate mentor storage sacs – BALLER!), simply click the Facebook like button at the bottom of this post.

The winner will be announced at 11AM EST on Thursday, February 21st.  Whoever has the most blue Facebook thumbs at that time wins.  Their fate lies in your hands (thumbs, specifically).

You can vote for more than one person. This is like American Idol (assuming you can vote for more than one person there, I don’t watch the show, I’m not sure why I used that as a comparison).

Also, check out the other Badger Sponsorship video submissions.

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About Zach

My name is Zach. I am an Appalachian Trail thru-hiker. I wrote a book called Appalachian Trials. It helps hikers mentally prepare for a half year backpacking trip. Find me on Facebook or The Google. I also giveaway cool stuff on the Appalachian Trials Newsletter. If you're planning on thru-hiking the Trail in the future, I encourage you to check out my Personal AT Coaching Page.
  • Barb

    I don’t like my video. It’s really a pretty lame representation of who I am and what I’m about. For starters, I may be poor in the sense that I only have a third of the amount of money that it supposedly takes to hike the trail, and the majority of that will have to go towards paying my phone bill for those 6 months, but I’m rich in other ways. I have amazing friends. They help me every step of the way in my endeavors, from giving me work – like Kim Prince and Christy Wiley, to buying me awesome gifts to help me out – like Kate and Carl Cole, to giving me the shirt off their backs – like Nicki Tessier, to taking the time to share my contest video more than I even did – like Mikey Leo and Wendy Wehmeyer, to giving me a lift and a reason to smile like Wendy Korotkin, Hollin Gammage, and the Portal Lane clan, to teaching me stuff – like Lewis White, to just being rabid and voracious fans of my life and my blog – like Kara Huff and Ellen Didier, and overall just being awesome humans and moral support – like Arrie Bozeman and Sam Clemons and countless others. In addition to that, I was raised by great parents, and with great siblings, and while they may not always understand why I do the crazy things I do, they probably don’t realize that they ingrained in me the traits that it takes to live life this way – positivity, tenacity, ingenuity, bravery, faith, and maybe most importantly, stubbornness. You guys know who’s who. I also have just about everything I need for this hike, a new pack, a good old hammock, a decent sleeping bag, passable gear… In actuality, I’m not poor at all, I’m incredibly well off, I just don’t have much money. My life rocks. I’m so grateful! I don’t know what I was thinking trying to win all that stuff, when all I REALLY need are the mail drops. And of course, I’d love the book.  So, I’m changing the game a little here. I recently made a new friend on Facebook, named Steve Quintoa. This guy is hardcore. He’s not only doing the entire AT, he’s also doing the Pinhote Trail beforehand which stretches all the way down to south Alabama. He’s already been hiking for quite a while through the tough winter weather, braving the cold and hoping for a little trail magic.  When the contest started, he commented that he was taking an off day in the hotel to patch up his pack – sewing it by hand. If I win, Steve will get that trail magic he’s been hoping for.  I’ll have Zach send that spiffy new Deuter backpack to him, along with one of the Innate dry bags. Another guy I admire is Sam Kilburn, who is one of the strongest competitors in the running for the gear, but still a far cry from the votes it would take to win. I don’t know Sam at all – not even through FB – but I know that he’s only 18 but he’s determined and brave enough to set off on the AT on his own.  I wish I had been that awesome at 18. He’s a broke college kid, and I remember that well. This kid deserves some gear too. So, if I win, I’ll have Zach send the Deuter sleeping bag and the rest of the Innate dry bags to Sam. Me, I’ll be ecstatic to have the one thing I really need on the trail, which are those 6 mail drops, along with the book, and of course, Zach’s digits. I’ve been given a lot in this life. Don’t let my PMS induced video entry fool you, I’m a relentless and borderline annoying optimist, and I LOVE LIFE! I felt crappy about being so materialistic about this contest, but now I figured out how to turn it into a chance to make good on all those promises i made to pay it forward. So, if you haven’t voted yet, take a second to do so, and help me, but more importantly, help me help them. Thank you for being a part of this!

    • Nancy halgren

      Hey Barb,
      Good to hear you are up to something new! I’ve voted, and hope you make it! And when you get to Va. around Front Royal on the trail, give me a call and I’ll take you out to dinner, or come Couchsurf with me again! All the best, Nancy

      • Barb

        Hey! Thanks Nancy! I hope everything is going great with you, and I will definitely get in touch when I get into your area. I’m sure by then I will be very ready for a real meal! Lol I look forward to seeing you again!

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  • Theresa

    I voted for you because I identified with you the most, simple as that. Beyond the contest, I wish you a fortuitous journey and happy trails. :)

    • Barb

      Thank you so much!

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