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for the love of pulque

A week till I’m walking. Holy crap. Very nervous about my dodgy muscles and tendons, but feeling a bit more confident now I’ve cut the back off my right shoe and there’s no pressure on the tendon or heel. Seems I have Haglund’s deformity. So off comes the back of my shoe. No other option unless I want to do it in flip flops or barefoot! Roll on the ankle sprains. Going to take the first 30 miles into Neel’s Gap very slowly, spending 5 days to do those 30 miles I hope, but I’ll do it in 20 if I need to! My blog post on Easter Sunday will tell you all if I’m good to go or not. One more week before saying hasta luego to my girlfriend, one more week of a comfy bed, one more week of hanging out and one more week of Mexican food and drink, ... Read More »

North carolina

If I could sum up the last couple days on the trail this picture would be it. I have made it to the nantahala outdoor center, 137.3 miles in. having a great time. Smokey mountains in a couple of days. -Joe (still no trail name) Read More »

Starting to settle in

Where do I begin… My first three days back on the trail after my little break were simply amazing. It was very very easy finding a ride coming out of Helen and back to the trail. I’m pleased with my hitching skills so far. (I didn’t even have a chick with me!) I continued to start my day of hiking and was overwhelmed by the amount of “trail magic” that I experienced. *Trail magic is basically when you receive any kind of unexpected awesomeness related to the trail. It could come in the form of people handing out ice cold refreshments at a road crossing, someone giving you a ride to their house and cooking you a fresh meal, or even just a fellow hiker giving you something he doesn’t need. It has been awesome to see how many good people are out on this trail. We joke around out ... Read More »

I was gonna write up this funny post and update you guys but I’ll just be real. Im pissed. Not because this trip is too hard, or I’m too wet, or cuz I’m bored. It’s because my knee (a problem that irritates me from time to time is back) I made it to neels gap, with no problems despite lots of rain and leaving a ton of gear at home. This included my trekking poles which I need to hold my tent up…and, of course, the shelters are packed! I have adapted this new bear gryllsian technique of using sticks to fold my tent up. But anyways I am having such an amazing time out here and the reason I’m down in spirits is because I’ve been chillin at mountain crossings all day watching all these other hikers hike on while I’m stuck resting and waiting to retrieve my complete ... Read More »


Below the Good Badger called me young badger. Young(ish) bugger, more like. Anyhow, one Grant Badger lives in my apartment block and it would be nigh on impossible to support two badgers in one concrete building. There just aren’t enough hidey holes. So as you guessed it, I’m here to post my first entry on the Appalachian Trials website. One of many to come, I hope. I’m really excited about this trip that I’ve wanted to make for about 12 years, but at the same time incredibly nervous about an old injury. Take it slow, youngish bugger, take it slow. It’s better one is strollingalong than yellow blazing back to the airport. I’m a pretty inexperienced hiker, camped a ton of times, but with a car. Also I did the El Camino de Santiago a few years back. You can’t class that as hiking though. More of a 5 week long winebar crawl with ... Read More »

Thank You

So I was sitting in my room last night, tired, but most of all anxious as can possibly be- When Zach (finally) set me up with everything I needed to set me lose and this website, everything started to become real. Though I had been planning/thinking about this trip for a loooong time, it always felt sort of like some fiction adventure that was never going to happen. Now, I am ready to go – I’ve moved out of Kelly Creek (the sick house me and 3 other guys lived in while I attended UCF) to move back in with my parents, I’v worked hard to trade out my old heavy gear to significantly drop my pack weight, I started my fundraising page, and I made a goofy award-winning video. …Now, the time is almost here to step foot onto Springer and start this MUCH anticipated journey. (and I’m going crazy!) ... Read More »

Meet Your 2012 Appalachian Trail Bloggers

Last year, I had a ton of fun sharing my Appalachian Trail thru-hike experience with you guys, and as much as I’d like to replicate that again in 2012, I have been struck with this bitter disease known as employment. (Just kidding, I like my job, almost as much as I dislike living at home.) So, I instead reached out to a couple of other 2012 thru-hikers to fill that void for us. The first 2012 Appalachian Trials Blog Blogger (catchy, isn’t it?) is Jake Russell.  I first fell upon Jake’s website a month or so ago and was drawn to his goofiness and concise writing style.  Until he gets a real trail name, I will call him Young Badger. The second 2012 Appalachian Trials Blog Blogger is Joe Jimenez.  You probably already know Joe, as he was the winner of the 2012 Badger Sponsorship (with 452 Facebook likes Joe, ... Read More »